Saturday, September 20, 2008

Views of Old Tbilisi

TBILISI -- Today was a rather slow day. I checked out some possible apartments for rent, and caught up on some reading and background information. Here are some photos I took while walking around Old Tbilisi.

The view of the Sololaki district of Tbilisi from Metekhi Church. Flowing by is the Mtkvari River, which at least looks hideously polluted.

One of the many little, winding streets of Sololaki, the oldest part of Tbilisi and now home mostly to poor ethnic minorities. Some wealthier Georgians have started to fix up some buildings and move back.

One of Sololaki's many street cats, which keep in check what would be an otherwise burgeoning rodent population.

A little dark humor for tourists.

The view from my hotel room, in Tbilisi's Vera district.

Children playing in the fountain in front of the Tbilisi Philharmonic Concert Hall, a five minute walk from my hotel.

The ornately lit radio and television tower overlooking Tbilisi. From sunset to sunrise every night, the tower's lights shimmer.

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Anonymous said...

Your Tbilisi clock is off by an hour.