Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tbilisi accomodations

TBILISI -- For another night I'm staying with an American who went to the same high school as my wife. He lives in an apartment building on top of the old city walls. The walls were built after Tbilisi was razed in 1795 by the Persians. Georgia became a protectorate of Russia shortly thereafter, and must have figured it didn't need the city walls anymore because the buildings went up on the walls around the same time.

When I first arrived a few days ago my host was disconcertingly suffering from a "touch" of dysentery, but he assured me he contracted it while backpacking and not from the water in Tbilisi. Not long after I arrived, he disappeared into his room and came out with a small library of books on Georgia. Setting them down on the coffee table, he said they should give me decent background on the country and region. No primer, but a dozen books. I've been very busy reading every free moment since then.

Pictures of where I'm staying:

I'm staying in the top right-hand apartment in the blue building.

The front door.

The keys.

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